Strolling By Example

An old high school pal and true Mommy running inspiration is rocking Boston today, once again. She had a fabulous tribute to her training buddy on Facebook yesterday that inspired me to take on today’s topic. Her running buddy isn’t quite up for running all the miles, but Miles sure is motivating from his stroller. It’s amazing how a two-year old can help his mom run sub 7:30 miles for literally miles and miles!

I, myself, happen to not run with Greer in a stroller. It just hasn’t ever felt right. However; this morning I reflected on why I should consider running with him and proceeded to strap him in his B.O.B for our 6 mile journey together. The verdict is still out on if I love it, but I can say that what I did love was realizing this was just another way of teaching my son to be active, appreciate the outdoors and develop the social skills to say ‘Good morning’ and ‘Hello’ to everyone he meets.

If you’re up for the challenge, here are a couple of steps to start Strolling By Example.

Step One: Understand the benefits to motivate you to start running with your stroller.

Step Two: Pick the right stroller.

Step Three: Learn the keys to running with a stroller.

Step Four: Give it a shot and lead by example.


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